2. Dr Joseph Riley and his wife Elizabeth Ann Riley became interested and developed Zone therapy further. They researched the therapy and used it in their school of chiropractice in washington D.C.
Eunice Ingham also became interested in zone therapy, after discussions with the Riley's and her own work she developed foot reflexology. She discovered that pressure on various points on th feet helped relieve pain andrecognised that all nerves end in the feet and also that the feet are more sensitive because they are generally kept covered up. Eunice realised the whole body could be treated using pressure to the feet or hands so she used Dr Fitzgeralds zones to chart the whole body onto the feet.

1. Reflexology dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians, although Reflexology as we know it started in 1913 with Dr William Fitzgerald. he noticed that by pressing on one part of the body another part would be anaesthetised. Eventually he started performing minor surgery using this technique. The body was divided into ten longitudinal zones and each zone is connected by energy. If the energy in one part of the zone is blocked the whole zone will be blocked. He introduced it to the west and was know as zone therapy.

zone therapy
Reflex therapy 3

3. Doreen Bayly brought reflexology to britain in 1966. She studied with Eunice Ingham in the U.S.A and when she returned she set up the Bayly school of reflexology.
In 1958 Hanne Marquardt a german nurse discovered Eunice's work and began to work with her methods.

Reflexology could help with conditions like: Headaches, Migranes, IBS, Crohn's, Eczema, Back pain, Arthritis, Varicose veins, General infections, Fluid retention, Epilepsy, Stress, Tension and Insomnia, Thyroid problems, Infertility problems, Diverticulitis, Indigestion, Hayfever, Asthma, Sinusitis, Incontinence, Kidney stones, Ears and Eye problems

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